Happy Holidays! :D

Dec.19.14 12:00 am

Hello, CloverHouse guests~ I have something really cute and squishy to share with you today! >v<)/ I just received a package from my friend REM over at DEVIL'S CANDYand I found this adorable little Innkeeper bundled up inside! 

You can see a WIP photoset of her making Saint HERE ON HER BLOG! :) 

Hivemill is open!

Dec.09.14 12:00 am


Hello, CloverHouse guests! :D I hope your week has started out wonderfully. I'm super excited to announce that the HIVEMILL is now open for business! It's now stocked with webcomic merch from all over HIVEWORKS, including Saint for Rent PRINTS, for those of you who have enquired about getting your hands on some SfR art~! ^^)/


Nov.14.14 12:00 am

Hello, Guests! I just wanted to have a new entry to bump the Inktober stuff down. I was going to make an autumn falling leaves joke somewhere in there, but I promised myself I wouldn't make bad jokes after midnight. x'D So... then... I guess things are getting confrontational up there, huh? 

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