More Inktober

Oct.24.14 12:00 am

10/28/2014 EDIT: Inktober + 6 

I wanted to make a second inktober post because the previous one was getting really long! Anyhoos, you can follow my sketches on TWITTERTUMBLRFACEBOOK INSTAGRAM. :D I have new icons for 'em now on the top right, hehe!

EDIT 10/21: Check it Out!

Oct.07.14 12:00 am

Edit 10/21/2014: Hey everyone! No new Inktober today! I've been working on a buffer for SfR. BUT I do have something else for you to feast your eyes on. :D

My friend rem has launched her webcomic DEVIL'S CANDY. Some of you might recognize it from Tokyopop's Rising Stars contest 10 years back. Well, now it's a webcomic! If you like the main trio from SfR, you'll probably really enjoy Kazu, Pandora, and Nemo, too! 

Also, I have a FACEBOOK PAGE now. :) You can also follow updates there, too, along with my other art stuff!

Inktober is upon us, my dear guests!!! You can follow these when they pop up (BIGGER) with my amazingly witty captions on my TWITTER, TUMBLR, + INSTAGRAM. :D

So, I drew more Saints...

Sep.12.14 12:00 am

I mean we all have that one character that's just really easy to draw, right?


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