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Posted January 17, 2019 at 12:00 am

Hi everyone! Welcome back to the plot! Thank you for your patience over the past couple of years while I got my projects in order. I'm really excited for this chapter because it takes us to an Inn that the characters have been mentioning since Chapter 4! YAY! At long last! It feels really great to get back to Saint for Rent after completing another huge project I've been working on since college!

Also, gotta toot my own horn again: the sequel to my graphic novel NEWSPRINTS is coming out at the end of this month--ENDGAMES. The NewsPrints series has a girl disguised as a newsboy, a world transitioning from steampunk to dieselpunk, a shady government at war, and all the characters are based on nursery rhymes! If any of that sounds like your jam, CHECK IT OUT!

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