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Posted March 4, 2021 at 12:00 am

The inciting moment. *chefs kiss*

Want to read APPEAL! Pilot all in one go? Buy the full version here:

ALSO! If you missed the Saint for Rent Kickstarter, you can buy the book + remaining goodies at my DFTBA!

(Note: Print sets for this KS will not be reprinted. Once they're gone, they are gone!)

By the way, if you pledged to the SfR Volume I Kickstarter and chose to add your name to our Thank You page, check the Support page! :) If this reminds you that you haven't filled out your fulfillment surveys on PledgeManager, remember to do that! :D

Aldric's Letter Brigade: The Golden Apple Part 1.2 is up!

In this installment: Zephaniah, the new Sheriff of Saint-Flora, throws an archery tournament to capture the Outlaw King Aldric. Aldric enters to flirt with Zeph and maybe convince him to go rogue, but it's a long shot when you’re exes. It's a Robin Hood meets The Princess Bride sort of story!

[ Illustrated prose up for $5+ Patrons! ]

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