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Posted March 24, 2016 at 12:00 am

As I mentioned last week, some deadlines are piling up, so I'll be doing these silly fillers each Friday until April. They're fun and faster to draw than the usual pages~

I guess I should note that they're not canon because... Well, Saint is knee-height. XD Anyway! Please enjoy!

3/11/2016: A bit late today, sorry! @_@ I totally underestimated how much time this strip would take me.

3/13/2016: Hey guys, the past week has been tough on me, so today, tomorrow, and Friday will all be fillers~ @_@ Please enjoy them.

3/14/2016: Tiny Saint and robo counterpart go on an adventure.

3/18/2016: A peaceful Friday.

Tags: Filler
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