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Posted November 16, 2023 at 1:23 am

Hi, everyone! Reminder that the holiday sale at my DFTBA shop has started!

There is a discount on Saint for Rent and APPEAL! books + prints for all of November and December 2023, including goodies from the latest SfR Book Kickstarter! DFTBA is doing flat shipping rates for orders within the USA!

Werewolf Lawyer+ tiers on Patreon and Ko-fi, don't forget your code for an additional 10% OFF at checkout!


Chapters 5 + 6 of Status Royale are now up on the VIZ MANGA APP!

If you've been looking forward to more online comics by me, this is my current publisher project-- and it updates ~30-60 pages on the first Friday of every month! :D 

What's the story this time?

Log in and go for the throne!

After a fallout with her best friend (and gaming mentor) Jun, former casual gamer Vell vows to climb the ranks of Status Royale, the most competitive VR esport in the world!

But challenging Jun isn't so easy, and Vell will soon learn why he's known as this game's KING.

Enjoy! :D

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