More Stuff to See in the Gallery!

Aug.29.14 12:00 am

You can find some cool new work in the CLOVERHOUSE WING! I uploaded a .gif work-in-progress of one of the recent pages HERE, in which I talk a bit about my process.

Also, do check out the GUEST ART section for some really cute fanart. x) A very sweet reader Orelly made a Saint cosplay tumblr, with a gallery of adorkable Saints (HERE)~!

You guys, seriously... Thank you so much for your darling depictions of the SfR cast! I'm so happy to know that people are having fun with the characters~! It gives me such strength to keep working on my backlog of pages...! (or lack thereof, at the moment, ahaha... hah... backtothedrawingboard!) 

Monster!Saint by


Hurray, Chapter 4!

Aug.19.14 12:02 am

Hello, hello!
Welcome back, dear guests! Chapter 4 is up, so tell all your friends! As you can see, I've revamped the chapter cover style just a little, as those rereading yesterday have probably noticed! :)
What's there to say?? Well, there's going to be quite a bit of traveling this chapter, and we'll also learn more about our favorite CloverHouse Innkeeper. That's all for now, see you again soon! 

Chapter 3 End!

Aug.12.14 12:17 am

And so concludes Chapter 3! I hope you've been enjoying your stay at the CloverHouse so far. :D Incidentally, Saint for Rent is now 2 years old! Hooray! Lots of new stuff happened this year, including a site revamp and new characters introducing themselves! I think that's pretty exciting, hahaha~ 

We are a 3/5 through the first arc of the story. You've seen the events unfold from the perspective of 3 key characters so far, but there's just one more point of view that'll help click things together! I hope you all look forward to more motives revealed and more pieces falling into place in the next couple of chapters! 

In the meantime, here is a WIP of the chapter 4 cover! :)


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