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Hey guys, a few things stacked on top of each other this week, so I ended up with no time to draw a Friday page. @_@ Umm, here is a Patrick. See you on Monday!

EDIT 05/13/2016: Hi everyone. Sorry, no page today. @_@ Been having bad reactions to some new medication, so I'll probably be a little out of it for the next week or so. Next page is almost inked, though, so I'll make Monday's update. Thanks for your patience!

EDIT 05/20/2016: Sorry, no update today, guys. Had a doctor's appointment and couldn't finish today's page. See you Monday!

EDIT 05/24/2016: Hey there. Seems like 2-update weeks are starting to look like the norm these days. @_@ I realize the previous two edits above might make my situation look more dire, but don't worry. I'm fine medically! x'D Comics just takes a lot of work and time! I'm doing my best, but you guys will see these tiny characters (and more, I suspect) pop up once a week for the next month or so! Thanks for your patience, and see you on Friday!

EDIT 06/20/2016: Hmm, who should be included next?

EDIT 06/27/2016: Hey, guys! No update today, and probably not this week. I just finished coloring NewsPrints and will be spending this week building up a buffer for SfR. :'D Yay, we're headed back to the Helen again!

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