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Posted October 26, 2021 at 12:00 am

Today, I bring you an author notes of sort to help guide you through the humble origins of Aldric's Letter Brigade. Here, you meet Ru: the unassuming and intrigued author who comes across the life's work of an eccentric cousin. Did Ru ever get to go to that unicorn sanctuary? Perhaps that is the real story lost to the ages...

And now, a few words from our resident historian, Griffin.

Griffin: Not everything has to be... Did you just refer to me as 'an eccentric cousin?' I do you this favour, and you don't even refer to me as 'the eccentric cousin,' but one of many?

Let's give a hand of applause for Griffin. He will be joining us to drop some real gems of knowledge here and there!


Did you know that The Golden Apple is actually complete on both my PATREON and ARCHIVE OF OUR OWN (free but no illustrations).

If you like what you read, do check 'em out! You may enjoy the next part of the story, The Sheriff's Jewels. Subscribing on Patreon and/or hitting the kudos button on AO3 are both ways you can support my work! ^v^)/

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