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Posted October 21, 2021 at 12:00 am

Hear ye, hear ye! Have you heard of Aldric's Letter Brigade? Allow me to regale you with the tale! There are two major players, you see:

  1. Zephaniah, the new Sheriff of Saint-Flora, throws an archery tournament to capture the Outlaw King Aldric.
  2. Aldric enters to flirt with Zeph and maybe convince him to go rogue, but it's kind of a long shot when you’re college exes.

It’s a Robin Hood meets The Princess Bride sort of story!

Now, if you regularly read the author's notes section of the pages, you've probably seen me post about this story of mine. It's such a concentration of what I love to write, so I love sharing it. That's why I'll be posting excerpts from The Golden Apple here, including the exclusive full illustrations that I usually keep on Patreon~ 

The good news is that The Golden Apple is actually complete on both my PATREON and ARCHIVE OF OUR OWN (free but no illustrations).

If you like what you read, do check 'em out! You may enjoy the next part of the story, The Sheriff's Jewels. Subscribing on Patreon and/or hitting the kudos button on AO3 are both ways you can support my work! ^v^)/

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