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Posted October 19, 2021 at 12:00 am

And that ends Travel Log Five! :D I know, I know. What a cliffhanger!


Everyone, I have some cool news~ I am currently neck-deep in penciling a secret comic project for my next published series! I'm thrilled to be working on it, hehe! I think of it as my love letter to sports manga and Yugioh. <3

With that said, that means Chapter 10 of Saint for Rent is currently not ready to post. We'll be switching gears a bit, like how we did with APPEAL! Pilot this year--and I'll be sharing excerpts of ALDRIC'S LETTER BRIGADE: the illustrated version.

"But Ru," you say, "I've already read and enjoyed both APPEAL! Pilot and Aldric's Letter Brigade. Tell me more about the secret comic!" Well, some of you might have seen me post concept art or stream comic pages on my PATREON, and as always, I invite you to come join me on Patreon. :D

Anyhoos, see ya (on Thursday)!

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