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Posted December 23, 2021 at 12:00 am

Griffin's notes: Ah, we return to the flower. I believe the wild strain of these flowers went extinct, as mentioned earlier, but I do wonder if the domesticated varieties survived. If so, did they retain these fabled curative qualities over the centuries, or did the magic fade from them as it does from so many stories of yore?


Hey, all! We're going to end our preview excerpt of Aldric's Letter Brigade: The Golden Apple here. I know, I know -- what a cliffhanger! Has Zephaniah truly sold out Aldric? What will our Outlaw King do?

But fear not, as you may know, there are other ways to finish this story!

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As for Saint for Rent, well, we'll see you next year! :D Happy holidays! *jingle jingle*


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