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Posted December 25, 2021 at 12:00 am

2021: It's that time of year again~! >:)

2020: :) *jingles aggressively*

2019: Five years running. :) Happy holidays.

2018: You know what this is! It time traveled all the way to today to bring you a bit of nostalgia! As for this week's Good Thought TM, let's keep in mind good memories as we try to make things better around us. :) Boost that morale!

2017: Happy holidays! Still on hiatus this month! Check back sometime in April 2018 for more news!

2016: Sorry, no update today! Been moving into a new apartment this week, so I'm bringing back last year's Advent Calendar Event! :D You can still get the mugs at Hivemill, btw~! Have a wonderful holiday season, all!

DAY 12: It's Christmas! Thank you so much for joining us for another year of Saint for Rent! For the curious, you can buy this design ON A MUG in the Saint for Rent Collection at Hivemill! There, you’ll also find TWO more mugs from the Advent Calendar event! Go ahead and treat yourself~ ;D It’s Christmas!

DAY 11: Who do you think is going to eat all those, Saint??? Please help this boy...

DAY 10: A pair for each Armand! And... more? (EDIT: Also, Armand would like you all to remember that he ONLY OWNS 10 OF THOSE SHOES. x'DDD)

DAY 9: Ah yes, it's not a proper holiday picture without sweaters involved. Lots and lots of sweaters. Also, mugs! You can get this on a MUG AT HIVEMILL, too! :D

DAY 8: Kitty's watching you, Saint... Kitty's watching everyone. <ФwФ>✧

DAY 7: You know, I really thought I had more characters in SfR, but when you take out the other Innkeepers, there's only been 6 major human characters introduced so far?! It just seems like there's more because of the different ages... xDDD Also, did you know, you can buy Day 7 AS A MUG AT HIVEMILL??? 8D

DAY 6: Yay, the halfway point! 8)

DAY 5: Good thing we have five of them. 8) I'm looking forward to the scenes where you see one transition into the next. >D

DAY 4: Kitty is mostly displeased to be wearing gaudy stockings over her natural black socks. Also, reminder -- the Advent Calendar continues onward through Wednesday and Thursday, too!

DAY 3: I'm excited about this trio. :3 Three kids, each grew up in vastly different times and places around the world, but still connected in a way~! We'll see what the future holds for them in this upcoming year!

DAY 2: Since these two haven't been in Chapter 6, I've missed drawing them. uvu) The Consultant really grew on me as a character by the end of Part 1. Oh, and you'll learn more about Casimir in Part 2!

DAY 1: Hello, hello! :D Today, we kick off the CloverHouse's 12 Days of Christmas! :D

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